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Re-Entry Self-Sustainability Pilot Initiative (RESPI) Application

The Re-Entry Self-Sustainability Pilot Initiative (RESPI) is a four-week, earn-as-you-learn workforce development program. Participants will be selected based on their eligibility and answers to the questions below.


This program is structured to provide the skills to gain stable and full-time employment, along with the tools to help participants successfully reintegrate into society. Participants will receive a debit card that will be loaded with $500/week, totaling in an earning of $2,000 by the end of the program. During the program, participants will receive training from our partner organizations on topics including: hard and soft skills training, financial literacy, personal empowerment, and receive on-site peer support to empower individuals to be successful in their reentry plan.


This cohort will be the final cohort of RESPI. There are nine (9) spots available. Please submit your application by December 29th. Submitting your application does not guarantee admission to the program. We will contact selected participants by January 4th for the start date on January 8th.


- Served a minimum of two (2) consecutive years in prison/jail;

- Has at least a GED/high school diploma;

- Has been in community at least 120 days;

What is your race and/or ethnicity? Check no more than 2.
Do you have health insurance?
Have you received re-entry services before?
This is a 40-hour week commitment for four weeks, are you able to commit to attending the entire program?
Are you interested in achieving full-time employment, enrolling in trade school, or enrolling in community college/university?
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Your payment is contingent upon your attendance- if you do not show up, your pay will be docked. Further, if you miss more than 3 days, you will be removed from the program. Do you agree to commit yourself fully to the program and work to ensure perfect attendance?
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